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Truck Accident Verdict

Our Client:A Toyota Prius driver Client, a woman was involved in an accident when a truck driver tread uncontrollably one way due to worn out tires and hit the victim’s car. The client received severe injuries, with a broken shoulder blade, needing surgery. The court was moved to put a compensation of $615,000 in favor of the client.

Head Injury Verdict

Our Client:A Construction Roof Builder a carpenter and roof builder, suffered severe head injuries and a concussion when a depreciated ladder broke down while he was working on a overhead ceiling. Court declared a compensation of $ 450,000 in his favor.

Salesman Injury Verdict

Our Client:Store Manager Assistant Client suffered a fall down uneven stairs from the first floor and suffered severe injury on her left kneecap. A compensation of $90,000 was awarded to her.

Permanent Brain Damage Case Verdict

Our Client:A fashion designer studentClient suffered a life threatening head injury when a DUI driver, under the influence of alcohol, rear ended the client while she was standing at a stop sign. The head injury was permanent and rendered her unable to pursuit the career of her choice. A compensation of $1.1 Million was procured in the final verdict.

Surgical Error Verdict

Our Client:A liposuction patientThe client suffered post-surgery bruises and infections after the surgeons were found to be using unsterile equipment. The additional treatment lasted for 2 months. The client was awarded with $455,000.