A thorough investigation is made onto the incident to recreate the complete scenario of how and why the accident took place, taking into account the traffic police reports, witness reports, evidence from the accident site and your own testimony.


Absolutely, injuries that may seem minor at the time, might grow on later to develop into major ones and affect your ability to work, health and personal life. Having a lawyer ensures you are properly compensated to the extent of the injuries taken, and lost salaries.

The attorneys at Franklin Dudley put a careful observation into books on accidents, in addition to explaining in detail why you would require legal help in your matter, and how you can get the maximum compensation after an injury causing accident. Reach us out at wdudley@franklindudley.com to schedule an appointment with our team for more information on how we can achieve the best results for you.

The statistical data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that the primary cause of these accidents are drivers of other vehicles.

The primary objective for any insurance company is to minimize their payouts in compensation to you. They will try to use any available means to make sure you settle on an unjust amount through tactics like making filing processes difficult, delaying the overall process or take out complexities in relatively simplest of matters.